• Image of Brit JMP

Seeking to recreate the sound of the legendary
British amp ,the pack is based on a Marshall JMP Super Lead MK II 100W amp. Boosted with Friedman BE OD pedal.
The pack has 20 studio and 7 DI profiles boosted with Friedman BE OD pedal.

Mesa Boogie Rectifier OS - [Celestion Vintage 30] - 4x12
Marshall JCM 800 - [Celestion Greenback] - 4x12


Hear it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDtSrcXmqhw

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the purchase you will get the receipt and the pack via email. There is no direct download link. We try to send out your orders as quick as we can. Thank You for your patience.


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